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i have never seen a man so in love with himself than george lucas .
with the overt success of the three original star wars films , lucas has become , not necessarily a filmmaker , but the head cheeze at a huge toy company , with the phantom menace the new product on the shelve .
only this toy was made for $115 million , but every kid wants it , and , like all other expensive toys , falls apart within an hour after playing with it .
the product in question , star wars episode 1 : the phantom menace ( jeez ! ) , is pure and simple : its about the money , baby !
no one in their right mind would create such a fiasco if they knew it wouldn't make a ton of money before its fourth week of release .
i come to the sw franchise as a stranger , since i have absolutely no idea why the sw movies are so popular .
i find them rather boring and full of nothing but eye candy .
phantom menace is like the first sw , minus 10 .
nothing in the whole concept is remotely enjoyable .
even the special effects seem rather bland .
the story in this new one is a mindless mess . . . the
acting wooden . . . and the action sequences like something out of a video game .
sw : phantom menace is one of the worst films of the year so far .
with a title like sw e1 : tpm , lucas has one big head on those shoulders .
i thought chris carter did for releasing an x-files movie , although , that movie adaptation was an excellent way to spend two hours .
pm is one long headache .