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wyatt earp details thirty-five years in the life of same from around 1865 to 1900 .
after seeing the movie speed twice recently , i kept thinking that i was seeing wyatt's life pass before my eyes in real time .
this movie was boring , slow , boring , and slow .
there were a few scenes that tried to be great scenes that tried too hard and just fell flat .
the script happily woman-bashes but also tries to sound like an 80s movie .
they cannot have it both ways .
" i now pronounce you husband and wife . "
sure , they said that in the 1800s .
" entrepreneur . "
sure .
every bit of male-ego-stroking dialogue that wyatt's third wife speaks to him made me sick to listen to it .
" oh , the script was written by two men ? "
" no kidding ! "
the movie is torture to sit through .
the scenery is boring .
the fades were either awkward or cliche or to self important .
can you say poor editing ?
everyone looks ugly in this movie .
when you shoot people from under their chins , they look like they have double chins .
kevin costner has never looked worse .
he should sue .
he looks like he gained the 43 pounds that dennis quaid lost .
dennis quaid is marvelous .
if you have to see this movie just for his performance , go into the theatre at the movie's halfway mark .
doc holliday ( quaid's character ) shows up at about the 90-minute mark .
gene hackman is very good .
is he in the credits ?
i don't remember seeing his name .
mare winningham makes the best of a small role as wyatt's second wife .
annabeth gish is good as wyatt's first wife .
i though that jamie gertz played wyatt's third wife , but i later heard that her name is joanna going .
she looks great but her dialogue sucks .
she also seems way to young for costner .
costner seems way to old for 90% of this movie .
in his first scene he is supposed to be about 19 years old .
yeah , right .
catherine o'hara and jobeth williams are always good and totally wasted here .
this is the worst movie that i have seen in years .
the last action hero was better that this .
go see maverick if you want to see a western .
bullets for dennis quaid's performance only .