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a friend invites you to a movie .
this film would evade the explosions and special effects of standard summer fare , and be grounded in reality .
the plot is as follows : after a terrifying incident , a mother and her independent daughter separate from the father and move away from the city .
they need fresh air to get some perspective , maybe to start over .
romance begins to brew , however , as one of the locals , played by an international superstar in rugged clothing , sparks things up , ( especially at a country-western slow dance ) .
it stars a rising young starlet , helms a good cast , and is directed by one of the better actor-turned-directors in hollywood .
you accept .
you jump at the opportunity to see , what you believe to be , _the horse whisperer_ .
but , poor moviegoer , you have been conned .
alas , you find yourself watching , incredulously , _hope floats_ .
oh , woe .
your hope has sunk .
why was this movie made ?
why was it released ?
it is a travesty on nearly every level , and has the authority to sink the careers of nearly everyone involved .
at the hands of a better script , the film could have been a gem .
but it is clueless as to what it is about , and only succeeds in transferring same cluelessness to us poor viewers .
_hope floats_ stars sandra bullock as birdy , who , after discovering her husband has been cheating on her with her best friend ( on national television no less ) , takes her daughter and drives back to her home , helmed by a countryish bumpkin eccentric played by gena rowlands , ( she decorates with stuffed wildlife ) .
birdy's nephew , travis ( played by _leave it to beaver_'s cameron finley ) , is under her custody , and in one of the film's many failed in-jokes , is always seen wearing a different halloween costume .
what is the point of this ?
does it make any sense ?
is it supposed to be funny ?
the point of the film is to show that the family is eccentric , but i was convinced that the grandma should have been locked up for endangering the mental welfare of a child .
all of this undercuts the plot , of which there is none .
there are only many scenes that are supposed to register emotion .
there's the scene where birdy , who used to be the prom queen , is humbled by approaching a peer she once mocked , for a job .
there's the scene where birdy dances with her father , in the hospital for alzheimer's .
and then there's the sentimental scenes with justin , played by harry connick jr . , who is taking a liking to her again , showing her a beautiful pad that he built from scratch .
and during each of these scenes , i was sidetracked by my earlier question .
what sort of eccentric grandmother go through such great pains as to provide a dog costume , a kermit costume , a cowboy costume ( with whip ) , and a full furred barney costume for her grandson to wear during dinner ?
what sort of warped ramifications would this lead for the rest of his life ?
outside of this , there are other sure signs of screenwriters block .
when the daughter stands up to the bully at school .
when birdy almost loses her job .
when the family pulls in a goofy lip-synch to cheer someone up .
when someone dies .
when the daughter cries , ( no , wails ) in exasperation that her father is not coming back .
in a movie like this , you notice the strings being pushed , and you sit there , comatose , hoping it will end .
who can survive such a debacle ?
i worry for bullock's career , which has been running on auto-pilot for the last few years .
she has an attitude , a solid perkiness , and can drive a bus--but she can't handle the emotional scenes , much less hold a southern accent .
harry connick , jr . is worse--stick with singing , or get some acting lessons , please !
gena rowlands is the best part of the film .
but she's such a good actress , that it staggers the mind that she's weighed down by such lukewarm material here .
it would be a severe tragedy if the recurring star of john cassavettes' great films is known for this film .
two notes to forest whittaker : ( 1 ) cut the slow-motion sequences .
there are twelve times where you undercut your own direction by such a failed trick .
have you done so , you could have shaved off ten-minutes of this almost unbearable debacle .
( 2 ) you've had to know something was wrong if your cinematographer's filter makes the candlelight appear like little " x " s .
you're not a bad director , but you can't change a terrible script .
there's a recurring scene where birdy , working at the neighborhood fotomat , finds the machine go wrong , and image after destroyed , warped , dark image appear .
think about it .
a succession of destroyed images may have been more entertaining than this movie .