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there isn't much good about this movie .
not much i can say about the acting , directing , or writing that would make you consider seeing this movie .
so i'll get my one good comment out of the way , at least joel schuemacher ( batman & robin ) didn't direct it or it would be titled " technicolor city " .
in fact there is nothing colorful about this movie , its dark and depressingly gloomy right down to the bitter end .
the plot has a tendency to be interesting , but all that passes while your laughing at the ridiculous things thrown into what could have been a fascinating movie .
the plot is impossible to explain due to how senseless it gets , so i will just touch on the bare minimum .
john murdoch ( rufus sewell ) awakes in the bathtub of a cheap hotel , only to find out he has forgotten everything .
john must find out who he is before the " strangers " ( a . k . a .
mind erasing aliens ) find him and use him for their own evil conspiracy .
during the film some interesting points are raised about human individuality , and the existence of inherently evil people .
any of these points however are completely " erased " from your mind as you watch the actors stumble through the dreadful script .
as i mentioned earlier , nothing but the atmosphere is right in this film .
the acting is bland , and since there is virtually no character development no one seems to care .
the special effects are low budget and some even hilariously fake , a sign of a true " b-movie " .
the direction is poor and there is little continuity , not that you would expect it in a movie switching realities constantly .
lastly the script is weak and has no concept of reality , and doesn't deserve to have the word " science " in science-fiction .
if i haven't got my point across , i'll say it more plainly : this is a bad movie .
lets hope the next movie by alex " i wish i was tim burton " proyas is at least tolerable .
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