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according to hitchcock and various other filmmakers , isolated motels , diners , gas stations and similar establishments in american southwest can be rather dangerous place for weary travellers .
at the beginning of eye of the storm , 1991 german- american thriller directed by yuri zeltser , one of such places becomes deadly for their owners who get murdered during the stick up .
ten years later their son steven ( played by bradley gregg ) , who was blinded during the incident , still runs motel together with his older brother ray ( played by craig sheffer ) .
hardly anything happens there until alcoholic and abusive william gladstone ( played by dennis hopper ) gets stranded there with his attractive wife sandra ( played by lara flynn boyle ) .
their unexpected presence creates the chain of the events that would end in bloodshed .
yuri zeltser , author of this film , was obviously inspired by hitchcock's psycho , but he chose to add some new and potentially interesting elements to the original plot .
instead of norman bates we have two brothers - one of them traumatised physically , another mentally .
sexual tension between beautiful female patron and shy motel clerk is heightened with the presence of alcoholic husband .
eye of the storm is impressive in visual sense , with photography by karl walter lindenlaub providing a lot of claustrophobic atmosphere .
the acting is fine - hopper , gregg and boyle are comfortable with their roles , but sheffer at times overacts his psycho routine .
unfortunately , eye of the storm , which was supposed to be intense psychological drama , deteriorates into cheap and predictable slasher flick during melodramatic finale .
in the end , this film reminds us that original approach can't prevent filmmakers from wasting too many opportunities .
( special note to the profiler fans : ally walker appears in the beginning of the film in the small role of killer's girlfriend . )
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