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plot : set in the future , a courier has uploaded some data into a " hard drive " that resides in his head , and must now escape the bad guys who are after that very important information .
since he overloaded his " hard drive " , he's also racing against the clock before the information seeps into his brain and kills him .
critique : incoherent , boring , one-act drivel with no suspense , horribly unbelievable futuristic environment , bad dialogue , career-defining bad acting by keanu reeves and a hilarious ending .
it's too bad because the premise of the film was interesting , but unfortunately for my friends and i , this movie turned out to be just as bad as everyone had warned us .
it's one of those films that makes you start laughing half-way through , when you realize that most of the actors in it suck , the location shots are filmed in dark " junkyard " type areas which they would like to have us believe to be futuristic ( whatever . . . ) , and all the sets look like . . . . well ,
sets .
there is also absolutely no arc to this story .
it basically starts off with keanu uploading info into his brain , and then a bunch of folks chasing him from place to place until a laughable ending puts a stop to the former uneventful proceedings .
gibson should stick to writing novels and " x-files " episodes , since his segue into the paranormal tv series was much more entertaining than any of this garbage .
some other hilarities of this film include dolph lundgren as some futuristic jesus character whose supposed to kick ass , henry rollins as a pumped-up cyber-doctor or something , and ice-t as some kind of a hobo dude with paint all over his face ( don't ask ) .
the ending is the funniest with some robot dolphin and a stupid ghost-lady from inside the computer doing some stuff that no one really cares about by that point .
i'm ashamed to say this film was shot in my hometown of montreal , canada , but sadly enough for us all , it was .
some of the cyber-travelling special effects were okay ( hence , the 2/10 ) , but overall , it's one of those bad movies that's just funny to watch and cringe at .
thankfully for keanu , he redeemed his sci-fi career with 1999's the matrix ( 7 . 5/10 ) .
it's too bad that he has yet to redeem his lack of acting talent .
little known facts about this film and its stars : as of 1999 , director robert longo never directed another full-feature film .
hmmm . . . now
isn't that odd ?
: ) writer william gibson immigrated from the us to canada in 1968 , after being rejected for the draft .
he lived in toronto at first , but since 1972 , has made vancouver his home .
his 1984 novel " neuromancer " and its sequels 1986's " count zero " and 1988's " mona lisa overdrive " are generally considered to be the definitive works of the " cyberpunk " science-fiction sub-genre .
this film garnered keanu reeves a nomination in the " worst actor " category in the 1996 razzie awards .