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starring kiefer sutherland ; reese witherspoon & bokeem woodbine i used to think that the conversation was the worse film i had ever seen .
freeway is giving me second thoughts .
freeway is a modern retelling of little red riding hood .
only in the nineties , little red riding hood is a foul-mouthed juvenile delinquent played by reese witherspoon , and the big bad wolf is a serial killer ( keifer sutherland ) .
to top that pathetic premise off -- reese goes to visit granny and you'll never guess who's waiting under the cover's in granny's bed .
keifer sutherland is one of hollywoods most talented , yet underrated actors , and reese witherspoon is exceptionally talented and will most likely become a major star .
so what are they doing in this movie ?
after seeing the end result , undoubtedly they are both asking themselves the same question .
you might be asking yourself why this is such a short review .
the answer is quite simple -- i dont want to waste any more of my time writing or thinking about this movie than absolutely necessary .
i wasted enough of my time just sitting through it .
note to keifer : you wonder why you aren't a bigger star in hollywood ?
because you keep making movies like this .
note to reese : you were great in fear , what happened this time ?
note to both : don't worry about it too much , no one saw this movie anyway .
bottom line -- i'm still shaking my head .
don't waste your time on this turkey .
if you want to see a great keifer sutherland movie , go rent flatliners or young guns .
reese witherspoon's abundant acting talents are used to their full potential in fear , a great thriller .
do yourself a favor and rent one of these movies -- but stay as far away from freeway as you possibly can .