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director doug ellin's kissing a fool , released earlier this year , is an aptly titled comedy about two plastic couples housed in an artificial story .
like a sitcom with jokes so lame that it would be impossible to overlay a laugh track on it , the movie meanders along insulting the viewers' intelligence in almost every frame .
the script by james frey and the director is filled with vapid actors who read meaningless lines you've heard before .
( " i'm not wearing any underwear , " the bimbo tells the famous sportscaster , max , in what she assumes will be a sure-fire come-on line . )
max , chicago's biggest playboy , decides to get married after a whirlwind love affair with sam , short for samantha .
max and sam possess two irritating personalities , and they hold little chemistry for each other or the audience .
max is played without any style by david schwimmer .
schwimmer , whose acting talent is playing characters devoid of personality , makes an unlikely lover .
his costar , mili avital as sam , is cut from the same cloth , so they can be argued to be a matched pair .
after all , people of the same intelligence are naturally drawn to each other , ditto for similar looks , so why shouldn't the personality-challenged be attracted ?
the implausible plot has max asking his best friend , jay ( jason lee ) , to hit on sam as a test .
jay is supposed to try to get her to sleep with him , but stop short of the actual act .
max , being promiscuous by nature , worries that his future bride may have the same need to sleep around as he does .
the idea of flirting with the beautiful sam makes jay so sick that he becomes unable to eat or work .
neither the script nor the actors make this test believable .
" the 64 , 000 question is : how do you know you're with the wrong person so you can avoid wreaking havoc on major parts of your life ? "
jay asks in one of the unsuccessful attempts at adding some seriousness to the film .
finally , there is the film's attempt at physical comedy .
jay's ex-girlfriend natasha ( vanessa angel ) becomes infatuated with jay again once she thinks he is going out with someone else .
natasha rips jay's shirt open after pushing him down onto the sofa .
as she throws her hair on his bare chest , she demands he pull it .
this is supposed to be funny ?
most films have some saving grace .
some bit part was done especially well or some scene managed to be funny even if the rest of the picture wasn't .
kissing a fool , on the other hand , has nothing to recommend it .
kissing a fool runs 1 : 45 .
it is rated r for profanity and sexuality and would be acceptable for most teenagers .
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