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synopsis : a novelist struggling with his latest work buys a weird brain with a protruding eyeball encased in a jar .
the brain exerts its evil influence upon the novelist and his secretary , while his wife disapproves .
meanwhile , a loan shark in need of a shave tries to leave his profession .
comments : why is this movie called possessed by the night ?
it's hard to speculate .
most of this film takes place during the day , and the only thing possessing anyone is an icky , pulsating , bubbling brain thingie in a jar .
in case you haven't picked up on this yet , possessed by the night is a bottom-of-the-barrel " thriller " ( i use the term " thriller " loosely here ) which is really cheap and bad .
the plot , which sounds like a cheesy pulp science fiction story from the 1950s , actually serves one purpose : to exploit nude women as often as possible .
writing a movie review for a film like this proves oddly challenging .
there's really not much to say .
the acting is lousy ; although , occasionally , the attempts at acting are so absurd that they garner a chuckle or two from the audience .
most humorous is frank sivero , who plays murray , the novelist's agent .
he is so horrible in this role that one can't help but be amused .
the plot sucks .
nearly half the film is devoted to a loser loan shark who wants out of the profession , even though he has only limited relevance to the movie as a whole .
the dialogue stinks .
a loan shark , for instance , tells another how much he loves bimbos , which is something the audience really doesn't need to know .
everything about possessed by the night is second rate , even the film credits .
as the names of the not-so-talented film crew scrolled by at the end , joseph scales came up , credited as being " assistsant to foley artist . "
someone could have used an editor !
to be honest , the film is basically an excuse to flash frontal nudity and show some sex scenes .
playboy playmate shannon tweed , after all , is the star here .
i suppose that if one wanted this sort of thing , he would like this movie .
why did i give this turkey two stars and not one ?
as a bad movie , it is unintentionally funny enough to keep someone passingly interested in the film .
if you feel possessed to see possessed by the night , however , i'd recommend you exorcise this impulse and watch something else .