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okay , okay .
maybe i wasn't in the mood to watch a mindless action movie ; i am the same person that liked lethal weapon iii , even while admitting that it wasn't as good as the others .
howewer , the latest segal picture didn't look that bad , and since none of my friends would go see a woody allen movie even if i paid them , i went to see it expecting a mild die hard rehash .
boy , was i wrong !
in the first half of the movie , we are already assaulted with segal's acting , ( he is not simply wooden ; he is like a wall ) , gratuitous violence , an incredible plot , sexist and even more gratuitous nudity , and bad lines that obviously were meant as jokes .
by the end , it is obvious that hundreds of navy men are no match for thirty armed special forces soldiers .
not once in the movie did segal appear worried or undecided , which did not do much for increasing the unexistent suspense .
of course , in movies like these , there must be a sidekick , and a love interest .
in these one we are given a two for one package in the form of a playboy model ( in the movie ) , which only functions as a supposed comic relief ( by the way of extremely stupid unfunny lines ) , and to have watering eyes and look away every time something bad happens in the movie .
oh , of course , she appears naked from the waist up , and , of course , segal kisses her at the end after no development of their relationship ; they did not even seem to be interested in each other .
i have never seen so little chemistry between two people in a movie .
often , the villain saves the movie ; unfortunately , the villains here are cartoonish , stupid and unfunny , unmenacing .
how many movies have psycho ex-special forces bad guys ?
too many .
i was able to predict the action all throughout the movie , including the moment where the sidekick saves the hero from certain death , the scene where the bad guy can kill the hero but proceeds to explain his plan to him , the scene where we are shown the hero's superiors are stupid , the scene where the bad guy loses his gun and has to fight the hero hand to hand , etc . . .
simply said , this is movie-making by the numbers , boring , and potentially offensive in going for the lowest common denominator of the audience .
my recommendation : if you go see it , bring a watch .
you'll be looking at it for most of the movie .
my .
rent die hard .
read a book .
stare at the sky .
do not waste your time on this worthless piece of celluloid .
the real sad thing is that there are a lot of movies out that i would rather have seen ; once again , dragged in by my friends , which by the way , liked the movie halfheartedly .
they probably like wrestling too : - ) .