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there're so many things to criticize about i don't know where to start .
recommendation : turn off your brain - don't be like me , decreasing the rating everyday because i think about it too much .
a comet is about to strike earth , causing a catastrophe similar to the extinction level event ( e . l . e . ) that wiped out the dinosaurs .
what follows is the story of a president's bid to think for the good of his people , a rising reporter , the love story of two teenagers ( one of whom discovered the comet ) , and a team of astronauts on the ship `messiah' to save the world .
firstly , there is nothing outstandingly inferior about the making of the film ( nor is there anything outstandingly good about it ) , but the plot holes make the film corny and stupid .
to be honest , i was more moved by the trailer than the film itself ( which isn't saying much ) .
mimi leder's follow-up to `the peacemaker' is equally incompetent , with all the big stars wasted .
( perhaps i'm just annoyed that the release of `the peacemaker' in the us overshadowed a far superior thriller , `the assignment' . )
it is very obvious that the title not only represents the big boom that will result from the collision , but also connotes the heavy impact on human lives .
however , the film simply fails on that note .
the effects are worn-out , the substandard screenplay limited the acting , and the director continued her sad run in terms of good-film-making credentials .
she's still making good money though .
t ? a leoni's unfortunate character , the news reporter , is the foundation of the story and of the cast .
but the film suffers from too many characters that do not need to be explored .
robert duvall's aging astronaut is lifeless , and morgan freeman's president is restricted to , well , a righteous president ( which means he's not interesting at all ) .
leoni's character is the only appealing one , and is played with reasonable conviction ( but a rather peculiar showing when reporting for msnbc ) , but was definitely undervalued by the director and screenwriters .
warning : spoilers included ( but a lot of it is irrelevant and predictable anyway ) .
plot holes , plot holes , plot holes .
now , e . l . e .
is threatening to exterminate more than 99% of the human race , and they send eight puny little nuclear bombs up there ?
where's the logic ?
leder could have at least made it plausible with 20 .
and then it turns out that only a few percent of the world population actually perish , and those less selfish ones ( the ones that stayed at home ) were the victims .
the film was almost mocking them , telling them they had died for nothing .
i also fail to see how two teenagers , carrying a baby , would be the first to climb up the mountain/hill , even with a motorbike for a head-start .
it's unlikely that the dust will take just two years to settle , but that doesn't really matter .
building caves was a strategy mentioned in `dr .
strangelove' , which proposed that people lived underground for one hundred or so years .
now that is a more practical use for caves .
what is the point of living in caves ?
there is no , unlike `dr .
strangelove' , any radioactivity outside to restrict exposure .
how do plants grow ?
if humans have the technology to keep plants alive in caves , there's no reason why they can't do it in the open .
the president disclosed that other countries have been preparing their own caves .
obviously this means that the other countries were informed a long time ago , and you can't be serious to say that nobody leaked the news to the media .
in an important mission like that of the `messiah' , for that matter any mission , it is impossible that isn't sufficient fuel for an extra couple of hundred metres , needless to say tens of kilometres .
this is not deep impact ? it's a frivolous cheap impact .
but even with all that , some overacting , and a 3 . 4 rating , it's still watchable , just don't think about it .
okay ?