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don't let this movie fool you into believing the romantic noirs of william shakespeare .
no one will truly understand the heart and soul of this man except through his work , and this movie makes a vain attempt at that .
any moves to ? glamorise' his life , which hollywood has an annoying tendency to do , will only subtract from his achievement rather than expound on his greatness .
this movie about his life , although well written , puts too much make-up on a man whose life was probably more pork and potatoes , rather than lobster and champagne .
oh well , let's fantasise onwards an assume that he was a bit of a flirtatious play-write , who falls in love with a beautiful woman ( gwyneth paltrow ) and from her inspiration , several plays develop - ? romeo and juliet' , and ? the twelfth night' .
it is easier for me to believe that he had a wet dream and that's how all his plays develop , but please spare me all of this unnecessary melodrama .
but i guess my version probably wouldn't draw a crowd or make a dollar on screen .
so is there any justification in romanticising the man shakespeare , when all we need to do is read his work in order to find his soul .
i think not .
as for the oscars were they deserved by this movie ?
i think not .
in many aspects ? private ryan' and ? life is beautiful' were far superior movies , but one should never assume that this should be a criteria for winning an oscar , as time and again , for reasons unexplained , an undeserving movie will win the accolade .
another sore point is the fact that gwyneth won the best female lead , over a more polished cate , but i guess if you go on enough about your grandfather dying and your nephew being hospitalised - people will start feeling sorry for you .
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