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>from writer and director darren stein comes jawbreaker , the poorly told tale of what can happen when an innocent birthday prank goes wrong .
at reagan high , four girls are sitting on top of the world .
courtney shane , played by rose mcgowan , holds the title of meanest , most disrespectful soul in the school .
everyone hates her , but everyone envies her due to her popularity .
courtney is the " leader " of her clique , which also includes julie , played by rebecca gayheart , liz purr , played by charlotte roldan , and marcie , played by julie benz are the other three in the group .
it is liz's seventeenth birthday , and julie , courtney , and marcie concur that they will play a seemingly innocent prank on her , but the prank results in the death of liz .
just like stupid teens in any teen directed film such as this one , the foursome decide to cover up the death to make it look like a murder committed by someone else .
and also just like in other teen directed movies , one of the four don't agree with hiding it , this time that character being julie .
and finally , just like in other teen movies , there is a witness outside the group trying to hide the truth .
this time that character being fern mayo ( judy greer ) , who is subject to many cracks from courtney's group , as well as the entire school .
>from here , jawbreaker turns into a predictable tale of revenge , bad morals , and at least trying to do the right thing .
not only is the script weak , on a whole the acting is horrid thanks to a large amount of the main cast .
judy greer is undeniably awful as her one dimensional , annoying character , as she overacts every line she has .
also on the bad side of acting is julie benz , almost falling to the annoying factor that greer delivers .
on the positive side of acting , rose mcgowan performs well here , but doesn't match her wickedly clever performance as " tatum " , in 1996's scream .
mcgowan's role is annoying , but this only adds to the film .
she is wickedly mean , and even though she a well-written character , you downright hate her .
faring even better than mcgowan is rebecca gayheart , who is always exceptionally believable as her roles .
when the script feeds her a one or two dimensional character , she turns it into three , always putting strong emotion and power into her roles .
gayheart isn't given as much to do here as she was in 1998's urban legend , but you can still get a strong taste of her acting skills in jawbreaker .
jawbreaker drifts and mianders different sub plots throughout , hardly throwing anything for the viewer to get absorbed in .
we get way off of the topic of the jawbreaker incident , and get into things that don't have anything to do with the actual film .
the beginning and ending are strong , it's just the middle that needs a lot of help .
during the body of the movie , it is undeniably repetitive , never progressing towards a conclusion .
nothing to grab the viewer's interest is around , and the same , extremely annoying song plays over and over again .
jawbreaker tries to get off on the same time of humor used in the 1995 film clueless , but falls flat .
the few gags that actually work die off quickly and die off with a bang .
all in all , a horrible disappointment .
the bottom line : the tagline reads , " even the sweetest candies are sour as death inside . "
yes , that is too true .
no matter how good this film may have looked , it fails to deliver .