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well there goes another one .
sadly this like other movies this year wasn't good .
this one being almost as bad as 'the omega code' but not quite .
from the opening credits i had a good feeling this would be bad , and well i guess i was right .
with bad excuses for acting , a horrible screenplay and straight-out bad direction 'the bachelor' is a terribly unfunny movie that doesn't work on any levels accept that fact that rene zellwegar who does give a good performance .
the two cameos by brooke shields and mariah carey are also good with brooke being the best .
the movie is troubled from the start because chris o'donnell is hugely miscast and gives one of the worst performances to date .
here is the stupid plot : chris o'donnell plays jimmie shelton a man who has just broken up with his girlfriend , he meets anne ( rene zellwegar ) they instantly hit it off and are together for three years .
jimmie decides that he wants to bring their relationship a little bit up .
he really doesn't realize that anne thinks he wants to marry her ( what he wants i never did catch ) .
so he proposes in a really bad way , and she shoots him down and is very mad .
he of course tries to apologize but nothing seems to help any .
then his grandfather dies and he learns that he has left jimmie 100 million dollars . . . . as
long as he marries before the next day at 6 : 05 pm .
now jimmie must find anne and try to marry her to get the money and because he loves her , or get married to someone else to get the money itself , leading to an un-funny and predictable ending that leaves a bad taste in our mouths .
ok so maybe this could be one of the dumbest , cliched , silliest romantic comedy to date that has no real big laughs .
even the supporting roles of artie lange , hal holbrook and ed anser aren't even good .
the plot was a good idea , but the script would have to have been written in less than five minutes and by a five year old .
the choppy dialogue and bad directing don't help things any .
even though chris o'donnell gave an ok performance in the two batman movies , he does not give even a remotely good or funny performance here and i wanted to boo and throw my pop at the screen to get rid of him .
rene zelweggar is a different story and gave a charming , sweet and likable performance ( as usual ) and really was the only thing that saved this confused movie from being a total huge washout .
her sister played by marley shelton is also good and the two have good chemistry onscreen .
brooke shields showed up in a funny little performance as a big-headed mogul who after a while became routine and old .
one really can't help but think that we have seen this stuff before .
it's not like this is an original idea and in the end , everyone knows what is going to happen due do its cliches and typicalness .
'the bachelor' works on no good levels and in fact doesn't work at all .
ed anser and hal holbrook were wasted in terrible roles and mariah carey can not act to save her soul , and this could be the only film of her movie career dispite her terrific music career .
chris o'donnell is not as bad an actor as casper van dien but that is not saying a great deal .
he seems held back and really doesn't get into his character much and after even the first 30 minutes gets annoying and old .
artie lange just to me seems like he is trying to another chris farley and was completely unfunny and un-nerving .
why the filmmakers would want to waste such a cast in such a bad movie , with such bad acting and dialogue is a question only they will know .
maybe they thought it would become a hit or a critical success , and sometimes i don't agree with other critics on movies , even from the trailers for this film they made it look bad and showed all the mildly funny parts .
its based on the 1925 silent film 'seven chances' which i am sure is very better than this mess .
even though some may think of this as a good date movie , most who see this will want to pull out thier hair and scream for thier money back .
besides being a terrible movie , 'the bachelor' is well a terrible movie .
it has nothing worth recommending therefore i really can't recommend this movie .
i did not have a good time and i laughed only three times .
the running time of the movie is 106 minutes which is wayyyy over time and needs to be shortened at least thirty minutes .
parts of it seems to go on forever and parts of seem to not last enough time .
being one of the worst movies of the year , we can be sure that i hope they will not make anymore stupid unfunny romantic comedies , and if they do they i give up on filmmakers .