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starring william baldwin ; cindy crawford & steven berkoff all right , the first problem that fair game has is the casting of supermodel cindy crawford in the lead role .
not that cindy does that bad , it's just that anyone who watches this film knows from moment one that that little bit of casting was not done because of cindy's extraordinary acting skills , but for her extraordinary ability to look drop dead gorgeous in any situation .
and in fair game most situations tend to find cindy either soaking wet or very hot and sweaty , but i'm sure that that is just a coincidence , no doubt that these situations were essential to the plot and the fact that cindy looks great wet , well , that's just a happy coincidence .
sure .
william baldwin isn't a bad actor .
unfortunately , he just doesn't demonstrate it at all in this movie .
i'm not sure if that's because most of his lines were just so hokey , or if he was trying to make cindy's acting look good .
if it was the latter , it worked .
cindy does a surprisingly good job here in her first movie .
which is not to say that she doesn't have room for improvement .
although to be fair to cindy , her lines were kinda cheesy in places .
so right about now you are no doubt asking yourself what sort of movie does cindy crawford , arguably the most beautiful woman on the planet , chose for her foray into the world of cinema ?
well , i'm glad you asked that question .
cindy plays a lawyer who by some convoluted plot twists becomes a target for former elite kgb agents .
why woud they target someone as likable as cindy , you ask ?
by the end of the movie you won't care .
the story is so contrived it isn't funny .
anyway after cindy gets blown out of the window of her house , without getting so much as a scratch i might add , she is placed into protective police custody under the watchful eve of william baldwin .
who's character , max kilpatric , a police detective , seems to possess the skills of some sort of fighting machine ( my guess is that the writers have seen way too many of steven seagal's early films ) .
the point is that the idea of the crawford and baldwin's characters of the run from these killer russians isn't all that bad of an idea , it's just everything around that basic idea which kinda stinks out loud .
the supporting cast members are nothing more that over acted stereotypes .
if i was baldwin , i'd hope this film disappears .
as for crawford , she may indeed have some acting ability .
unfortunately , any she does have is obscured by writing that goes beyond bad .
this movie was obviously written with cindy in mind , since the writers spend most of their time finding ways to capitalize off of her looks .
it's too bad they hadn't spent more time on a half decent plot , since ms . crawford is more than capable of looking just fine all by herself thank you very much .
unless you are a huge fan of either baldwin or crawford this is a movie that will only disappoint you .