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yet another brainless teen flick , this one is about , surprise , drugs and sex .
stars katie holmes and sarah polly couldn't look more bored .
their characters are cardboard cut-outs of every cliched teenager out there .
one thing you need to know is i really hated this movie .
everything about it annoyed the hell out of me .
the acting , and script , the plot , and ending .
the director ( of the fluke hit swingers ) could have very well directed a bunch of no-name actors and had a watchabe film .
the " big " stars of go pretty much drown the project of any originality .
i felt like i was watching dawson's creek episode 200 .
although the film still would have stayed at red despite its cast .
the " surprise " ending was sooo predictable .
since when is a male character's sudden outing of the closet considered a surprise in hollywood anymore ? ?
go is dawson's creek + varsity blues - she's all that = go home and watch something else .