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i saw this film on christmas day expecting an upbeat comedy .
boy was i in for a christmas dissapointment !
after an hour of the movie , i was ready to change rooms-into another theater !
read on to see what i have to say . . . .
four rooms :
starring : tim roth , jennifer beals , antonio banderas , quentin tarantino , valeria golino , madonna , bruce willis , marisa tomei , alicia witt , lili taylor , and ione skye .
possible stars )
" four rooms " was supposed to be one of the biggest hits of the year .
key word here : " supposed . "
four of the biggest directors in hollywood : quentin tarantino , robert rodriguez , alexander rockwell , and alison anders were all directing one big film with a big and popular cast .
i guess it was all just too much because this turned out to be the biggest flop of the year and it could of been great .
the plot : it's new years eve and it's a bellboy's first day on the job .
he encounters many mysterious and kinky hotel guests as he tries to handle all his own problems .
tarantino told his directors this plot , and each of them wrote a script .
it turned out each of them had written a dark comedy .
anders wrote and directed the tale about a coven of witches ( madonna , valeria golino , alicia witt , and ione skye ) , which was the worst one out of all of them .
the second room ( jennifer beals ) was better , but lacking in plot .
this room was about a man who accuses every man of sleeping with his wife .
the third room ( antonio banderas ) was the best roomm , about two rambunctous kids that trash a hotel suite .
the final one ( tarantino , willis ) was about a movie star wanting the bellboy to chop off someone's finger .
the movie was just plain trash .
there was nothing here that even makes up a quality film .
it was not funny , and i didn't hear one laugh in the theater throughout the whole film .
tim roth is horrible as the bumbling and mumbling bellboy , and he ruins every joke in the film .
the supporting cast loses meaning to the word support and the only mentionable actors/actresses are antonio banderas and jennifer beals .
marisa tomei appears in a stupid cameo role .
this movie is the worst film of the year and the film could have been great , perhaps like a more upbeat " plaza suite , " but it wasn't .
as trashy as it was , some people will call it classic .
do you call a man chopping off a finger with madonna's chest showing a classic film ?
look for more of ken's kritic korner coming soon !
please check the newsgroups under the movie reviews section for updated reviews .
p . s . " four rooms " made number 1 on my top ten worst list of 1995 .