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tommy lee jones chases an innocent victim around america who is trying to prove that she did not kill her spouse .
the fugitive ?
not quite ? this is the plot for double jeopardy , another fugitive copycat without the action , excitement , and good acting that the original had .
there are other slight differences besides one movie being bad and the other good ; this time tommy lee jones plays a parole officer not a us marshall , clever huh ?
oh and the fugitive ashley judd was framed by her own husband ( bruce greenwood ) who needed to collect two million dollars in life insurance money not a one armed man .
both movies are on video .
make the wise choice and pick the fugitive .
there are so many flaws in double jeopardy , it is laughable .
while serving time in prison , libby parsons ( judd ) discovers that she can never be charged for committing the same crime twice .
learning that her husband is still alive , she decides to serve her time in prison , find him , retrieve her son , and kill her husband if necessary .
when the strict parole officer travis lehman ( jones ) stands in her way , libby decides to break the rules ( who knows why ? ) and continue her plan , despite the fact that if she gets caught , she's going back to jail .
director bruce beresford spends way too much time trying to convince the audience that libby misses her son .
every other scene , we are given a shot of libby staring and crying at his picture .
in an action movie like this , valuable time wasted on these shots takes away more opportunities for libby to get up and do something .
all that is needed in this type of movie is a short scene in which libby tells herself or a friend " i miss my son . "
nothing more , nothing less .
dr . kimble of the fugitive didn't look at one picture of his dead wife , his primary concern was to save himself .
libby at times shows this same determination but not nearly enough .
ashley judd and bruce greenwood both are excellent actors but if they continue to do movies like this , they will be typecast for the rest of their careers , kind of like their doomed co-star tommy lee jones .
winning an oscar for the fugitive must have convinced jones that audiences will never get tired of his i-do-my-job-whether-they-are-innocent-or-guilty roles .
people still pay to see his movies and he makes plenty of money so i guess he was right .
though i don't think he will win another oscar again .
the ultimate mistake in the script is what eventually becomes of libby parsons .
even if she was excused for disobeying her parole officer , the number of other crimes she commits while on the run are too numerous to count .
burglary , assault , grand theft auto are some of libby's slipups .
the message of the movie is you can break all of the small laws as long as you're innocent of the major crime .
hopefully criminals won't use double jeopardy as a reference in court for why they are innocent .
that would just be plain stupid .