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in a typical cinematic high school , the football jocks have sex with the girls and then dump them , but not before the boys' scores are dutifully recorded in their little black books .
as the sexual acts take place , the other guys hang out nearby , guzzling beer and grunting like pigs .
in the rage : carrie 2 , robert mandel's terminally bland sequel to carrie , there isn't a single original moment .
only amy irving returns from carrie , and the talent of the rest of the sequel's cast is impossible to determine given the stupefying mediocrity of rafael moreu's script .
as rachel , the horror story's lead , emily bergl gives one of the least scary performances in recent memory , but it isn't exactly her fault .
the director asks for little from his actors , which is precisely what he gets .
sporadically in this lame and lifeless movie , rachel will cause school lockers and windows to fly open , but generally she just mopes around looking like a victim .
her fellow students delight in tormenting her .
of course , she will get her revenge in the obligatory ending bloodbath in which she will decapitate and castrate the boys and crush the girls with burning timbers .
as the movie marks time until its big finale , it throws in some repugnant scenes , hoping to turn audience's stomachs .
rachel's girlfriend commits a horrible and realistic suicide after the boy who made " love " to her the night before spurns her .
( he gets major points in his black book for this , but his buddies say he would have gotten more if he had had sex with her after her death . )
even a helpless puppy is run over , and we see his poor , little body flipping over and over under a truck .
the teenagers in the movie are completely blas ? about it all .
" doesn't it offend you that some girl offed herself yesterday , " asks one of the few kids with a conscience .
" why ? "
responds his nonplussed girlfriend .
" she wasn't anybody . "
remarkably devoid of any energy , especially for a horror flick , the movie makes one yearn for a fast forward button on the theater's armrest .
with material this bad , the film's only hope is to go for parody , but it isn't smart enough to realize it .
even the mandatory epilogue is as pointless and predictable as the rest of the movie .
the rage : carrie 2 runs 1 : 45 .
it is rated r for graphic violence , teen alcohol abuse , sex , nudity and profanity and would be acceptable only for older teenagers .