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salaries of hollywood top actors are getting obscenely large these days and many find this to be the main reason for skyrocketing movie budgets .
actors who demand such salaries might be greedy , but in some instances they are quite justified , because many films would never be watched or even made without their participation .
proof for that can be found even in the realm of low-budget movies , and one fine example is breakaway , 1995 thriller directed by sean dash and starring ( in ) famous figure skater tonya harding .
face of tonya harding is most prominently featured on movie's poster , but the main star of the film is terri thompson who plays myra , attractive woman who works as a courier for gangster .
one day she decides to retire , but her employers are anything but enthusiastic about that .
realising that her life suddenly became worthless , myra starts running for her life , followed by professional assassins .
terri thompson being the actual star of the film instead of tonya harding becomes quite understandable after the scenes that feature former figure skater .
although tonya harding displays convincing martial arts abilities , her acting leaves much to be desired .
on the other hand , her disappointing efforts are hardly out of place in the film that lacks originality , believable characters and situations and actually represents anything that gave b-films a bad name .
martin sheen's brother joe estevez , whose character looks like he had entered from another movies' set , is the only bright spot of breakaway .
unfortunately , he appears in this film too little too late to prevent viewers from realising why tonya harding's silver screen debut proved to be her last film .