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the kids in the hall are an acquired taste .
it took at least a season of watching their show on hbo before i became a believer .
maybe after watching a half dozen kids in the hall movies , they would grow into the big screen .
my recommendation is that , unless you are a big fan of the kids , skip the film .
as it is , their first--and most likely only--attempt at a full length film lacks the qualities that made their comedy work on tv .
a big-budget and glossy production can not make up for a lack of spontaneity that permeates their tv show .
the kids go through the motions , but you get the feeling that they arent really having fun doing so .
and this makes it more difficult for the audience to enjoy their antics .
brain candy is a bunch of skits tied together by the story of a pharmaceutical company that develops a new drug to cure depression .
in typical sketch-comedy tradition , each actor plays several roles .
doctor cooper ( kevin mcdonald ) and his team create the drug .
then , under pressure from don roritor ( mark mckinney ) , founder and president of roritor pharmaceuticals , dr . cooper releases the drug into the marketplace .
the ensuing distribution of the new happy pill throughout the populace drives the rest of the film .
at about 90 minutes , brain candy still seems long .
the best thing about sketch comedy--and the kids are no exception--is the ability to quickly deliver the laughs , then go on to another quick skit .
but with the additional set-up necessary in telling a longer , coherent story , the laughs just dont come fast enough .
strangely , the show is even more tame than it was when on cable tv .
the movie makes several attempts at risqueness--mostly by pointing up the gayness of one of scott thompsons characters--but they seem almost forced ; as if they have to live up to a pg rating .
one of the best bits , though , does make use of thompsons naked buttocks ; we see him charging into battle--going to have sex with some guys taking a shower .
in the classic of this genre , monty python pulled off this delicate balancing act between plot advancement and punchline delivery for most of the holy grail .
the kids , unfortunately , are not up to the task .
there are some amusing moments , to be sure , but not enough to make the experience an enjoyable one .
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