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/* */
/* kernel.h */
/* */
/* User defined kernel function. Feel free to plug in your own. */
/* */
/* Copyright: Thorsten Joachims */
/* Date: 16.12.97 */
/* */
/* KERNEL_PARM is defined in svm_common.h The field 'custom' is reserved for */
/* parameters of the user defined kernel. You can also access and use */
/* the parameters of the other kernels. Just replace the line
with your own kernel. */
/* Example: The following computes the polynomial kernel. sprod_ss
computes the inner product between two sparse vectors.
/* If you are implementing a kernel that is not based on a
feature/value representation, you might want to make use of the
field "userdefined" in SVECTOR. By default, this field will contain
whatever string you put behind a # sign in the example file. So, if
a line in your training file looks like
-1 1:3 5:6 #abcdefg
then the SVECTOR field "words" will contain the vector 1:3 5:6, and
"userdefined" will contain the string "abcdefg". */
double custom_kernel(KERNEL_PARM *kernel_parm, SVECTOR *a, SVECTOR *b)
/* plug in you favorite kernel */