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import numpy as np
class RingBuffer:
def __init__(self,size_max=5,default=0,data=[]):
self.max = size_max
self.default = default = list(data)
self.index = len(data) % self.max
self.count = len(data) # number of non-default values in RingBuffer[default for i in range(self.max-len(])
def write(self,x):
"writes value into ring buffer"[self.index] = x
if self.index + 1 > self.count:
self.count = self.index + 1
self.index = (self.index + 1) % self.max
def empty(self):
"clears data list" = [default for i in]
self.count = 0
def get(self):
"returns a list of elements from oldest to newest"
return[self.index:] +[:self.index]
def get_prev(self,i):
"returns nth previous element"
return[(self.index - i) % self.max]
def get_last(self):
"returns last element"
return self.get_prev(1)
def set_prev(self,i,value):
"sets nth previous element"[(self.index - i) % self.max] = value
def set_last(self,value):
"sets last element"
# FIXME below functions only work for integer values right now, not objects
def average(self):
"returns average of data vector"
return np.average(
def meanmagnitude(self):
"returns average magnitude of data vector"
return np.sqrt(,