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Remote access to CASA tools via a graphical X session in a browser.

casa_cloud install

We first install the casa_cloud server in the path ~/casa_cloud.

$ git clone ~/casa_cloud
$ mkdir ~/casa_cloud_env
$ virtualenv ~/casa_cloud_env
$ source ~/casa_cloud_env/bin/activate
$ cd ~/casa_cloud
$ python develop
$ ./bin/casa_cloud_init_schema development.ini
$ pserve development.ini

Usually you can start the server as above. The file development.ini contains many parameters including for example which docker image will be started as container.

Docker-Based Image

casa_cloud will create a container for each user. The docker image of this container is defined in the option docker_image_name of development.ini. There is an example of docker image is located in /path/to/casa_cloud/docker. You can build base image using the bash script as shown as below:

$ cd /path/to/casa_cloud/docker
$ ./

Apache Configuration

This global installation is based on the ubuntu system with apache frontend.

/-----------------\                               /----------\
|Apapche Frondend |   <--- casa_cloud.conf --->   |casa_cloud|
\-----------------/                               \----------/

                      \                               /-----------\
                       -----casa_novnc.conf---------> |container i|
                                            \           /---------------\
                                             ---------> | container i+1 |

where casa_cloud.conf is

ProxyPass /casa_cloud
ProxyPassReverse /casa_cloud

and casa_novnc.conf is

ProxyPass /novnc_30000
ProxyPassReverse /novnc_30000
ProxyPass /websockify_30000 ws://
ProxyPassReverse /websockify_30000 ws://

ProxyPass /novnc_30001
ProxyPassReverse /novnc_30001
ProxyPass /websockify_30001 ws://
ProxyPassReverse /websockify_30001 ws://


Now we start to configure apache. You need to configure the apache frontend. We assume that your apache site configuration file is located with the path /etc/apache2/sites-available/000-default.conf. You can add the Include conf.d.http/ inside of site config.

<VirtualHost *:80>
Include conf.d.http/

You need to add the casa_cloud.conf and casa_novnc.conf into /etc/apache2/conf.d.http. You can see the directory structure in the conf.d.http.

$ ls /etc/apache2/conf.d.http
casa_cloud.conf  casa_novnc.conf

casa_cloud.conf is shown as above content. casa_novnc.conf can be generated via the below command.

$ cd /path/to/casa_cloud
$ ./bin/casa_cloud_init_apache_conf development.ini --apache_conf /tmp/casa_novnc.conf
$ sudo mv /tmp/casa_novnc.conf /etc/apache2/conf.d.http/
$ sudo service apache2 restart

Check the server

Usually, you can visit the server using the below url in your browser:



Remote access to CASA tools via a graphical X session in a browser



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