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Basic application with couple of thumbnails cubes that has notification display on mouse click - Tested with CatJS

The test is going over the test-data, fetching the elements ids to be clicked on. The test is waiting for the elements to be ready and then it clicks on them.

Note: this project is working with the latest canary build (catjs.canary 0.4.88)

For Installation CatJS installation guide visit: https://www.npmjs.com/package/catjs

CatJS test audit:

  • ./cat-project catjs project added
  • ./cat-project/catproject.json catjs tool project file
  • ./index.html import catjs library annotation added
  • ./index.html annotations for drag and drop tests
  • ./cat-project/src/config/cat.json The tests configuration where the scenarios and other settings exists

CatJS, try me:

  • Installing catjs, (in short "npm install -g catjs")
  • From the command-line Go to cat-project folder
  • Run: (sudo) catcli -cbas
  • Go to the browser and put the address: http://localhost:8080