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ccache news
ccache 3.1.7
Release date: 2012-01-08
Bug fixes
- Non-writable `CCACHE_DIR` is now handled gracefully when
- Made failure to create files (typically due to bad directory permissions)
in the cache directory fatal. Previously, such failures were silently and
erroneously flagged as "compiler produced stdout".
- Both the `-specs=file` and `--specs=file` forms are now recognized.
- Added recognition and hashing of GCC plugins specified with
- `CCACHE_COMPILERCHECK` now also determines how to hash explicit specs
files (`-specs=file`).
- Added `CPATH`, `C_INCLUDE_PATH` and similar environment variables to the
hash to avoid false cache hits when such variables have changed.
- Corrected log message when unify mode is enabled.
- Reverted the GCC bug compatibility introduced in ccache 3.1.5 for
`-MT`/`-MQ` options with concatenated arguments. (The bug is fixed in
recent GCC versions.)
- Corrected license header for `mdfour.c`.
- Improved documentation on how to fix bad object files in the cache.
ccache 3.1.6
Release date: 2011-08-21
New features and improvements
- Rewrite argument to `--sysroot` if `CCACHE_BASEDIR` is used.
Bug fixes
- Don't crash if `getcwd()` fails.
- Fixed alignment of ``called for preprocessing'' counter.
ccache 3.1.5
Release date: 2011-05-29
New features and improvements
- Added a new statistics counter named ``called for preprocessing''.
- The original command line is now logged to the file specified with
- Improved error logging when system calls fail.
- Added support for rewriting absolute paths in `-F`/`-iframework` GCC
- Improved order of statistics counters in `ccache -s` output.
Bug fixes
- The `-MF`/`-MT`/`-MQ` options with concatenated argument are now handled
correctly when they are last on the command line.
- ccache is now bug compatible with GCC for the `-MT`/`-MQ` options with
concatenated arguments.
- Fixed a minor memory leak.
- Systems that lack (and don't need to be linked with) libm are now
ccache 3.1.4
Release date: 2011-01-09
Bug fixes
- Made a work-around for a bug in gzputc() in zlib 1.2.5.
- Corrupt manifest files are now removed so that they won't block direct
mode hits.
- ccache now copes with file systems that don't know about symbolic links.
- The file handle in now correctly closed on write error when trying to
create a cache dir tag.
ccache 3.1.3
Release date: 2010-11-28
Bug fixes
- The -MFarg, -MTarg and -MQarg compiler options (i.e, without space
between option and argument) are now handled correctly.
- Portability fixes for HP-UX 11.00 and other esoteric systems.
ccache 3.1.2
Release date: 2010-11-21
Bug fixes
- Bail out on too hard compiler options `-fdump-*`.
- NULL return values from malloc/calloc of zero bytes are now handled
- Fixed issue when parsing precompiler output on AIX.
- Improved documentation on which information is included in the hash sum.
- Made the ``too new header file'' test case work on file systems with
unsynchronized clocks.
- The test suite now also works on systems that lack a /dev/zero.
ccache 3.1.1
Release date: 2010-11-07
Bug fixes
- ccache now falls back to preprocessor mode when a non-regular include
file (device, socket, etc) has been detected so that potential hanging
due to blocking reads is avoided.
- CRC errors are now detected when decompressing compressed files in the
- Fixed potential object file corruption race on NFS.
- Minor documentation corrections.
- Fixed configure detection of ar.
- ccache development version (set by now works with gits whose
`describe` command doesn't understand `--dirty`.
- Minor debug log message improvements.
ccache 3.1
Release date: 2010-09-16
New features and improvements
- Added support for hashing the output of a custom command (e.g.
`%compiler% --version`) to identify the compiler instead of stat-ing or
hashing the compiler binary. This can improve robustness when the
compiler (as seen by ccache) actually isn't the real compiler but another
compiler wrapper.
- Added support for caching compilations that use precompiled headers. (See
the manual for important instructions regarding this.)
- Locking of the files containing statistics counters is now done using
symlinks instead of POSIX locks. This should make ccache behave a lot
better on file systems where POSIX locks are slow or broken (e.g. NFS on
some systems).
- Manifest files are now updated without the need of taking locks.
- Updates of statistics counters are now always done in one of the
sub-level statistics files. This reduces lock contention, which
especially improves performance on slow NFS mounts.
- Reading and writing of statistics counters has been made
forward-compatible (unknown counters are retained).
- Files are now read without using mmap(). This has two benefits: it's more
robust against file changes during reading and it improves performance on
poor systems where mmap() doesn't use the disk cache.
- Added `.cp` and `.CP` as known C++ suffixes.
- Improved logging.
- Added `-install_name` as an option known to take an argument. (This
improves statistics when using the Darwin linker.)
Bug fixes
- Non-fatal error messages are now never printed to stderr but logged
- Fixed a bug affecting failing commands when `--ccache-skip` is used.
- Made `--ccache-skip` work for all options.
- EINTR is now handled correctly.
- Work on porting ccache to win32 (native), mostly done by Ramiro Polla.
The port is not yet finished, but will hopefully be complete in some
subsequent release.
- Added a `--nostats` flag to the performance benchmark program.
- Made the performance benchmark program more accurate when measuring cache
- Added a new test framework for unit tests written in C.
- Got rid of `configure-dev`; dev mode is now given by ``
- Improved documentation on how to combine ccache with other compiler
wrappers (like `distcc`).
- New `LICENSE.txt` file with licensing and copyright details about bundled
source code.
- New `AUTHORS.txt` file with a list of ccache contributors.
- New `HACKING.txt` file with some notes about ccache code conventions.
ccache 3.0.1
Release date: 2010-07-15
Bug fixes
- The statistics counter ``called for link'' is now correctly updated when
linking with a single object file.
- Fixed a problem with out-of-source builds.
ccache 3.0
Release date: 2010-06-20
- ccache is now licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL) version
3 or later.
Upgrade notes
- The way the hashes are calculated has changed, so you won't get cache
hits for compilation results stored by older ccache versions. Because of
this, you might as well clear the old cache directory with `ccache
--clear` if you want, unless you plan to keep using an older ccache
New features and improvements
- ccache now has a ``direct mode'' where it computes a hash of the source
code (including all included files) and compiler options without
running the preprocessor. By not running the preprocessor, CPU usage is
reduced; the speed is somewhere between 1 and 5 times that of ccache
running in traditional mode, depending on the circumstances. The speedup
will be higher when I/O is fast (e.g., when files are in the disk cache).
The direct mode can be disabled by setting +CCACHE_NODIRECT+.
- Support has been added for rewriting absolute paths to relative paths
when hashing, in order to increase cache hit rate when building the same
source code in different directories even when compiling with `-g` and
when using absolute include directory paths. This is done by setting the
`CCACHE_BASEDIR` environment variable to an absolute path that specifies
which paths to rewrite.
- Object files are now optionally stored compressed in the cache. The
runtime cost is negligible, and more files will fit in the ccache
directory and in the disk cache. Set `CCACHE_COMPRESS` to enable object
file compression. Note that you can't use compression in combination with
the hard link feature.
- A `CCACHE_COMPILERCHECK` option has been added. This option tells ccache
what compiler-identifying information to hash to ensure that results
retrieved from the cache are accurate. Possible values are: none (don't
hash anything), mtime (hash the compiler's mtime and size) and content
(hash the content of the compiler binary). The default is mtime.
- It is now possible to specify extra files whose contents should be
included in the hash sum by setting the `CCACHE_EXTRAFILES` option.
- Added support for Objective-C and Objective-C\+\+. The statistics counter
``not a C/C++ file'' has been renamed to ``unsupported source language''.
- Added support for the `-x` compiler option.
- Added support for long command-line options.
- A `CACHEDIR.TAG` file is now created in the cache directory. See
- Messages printed to the debug log (specified by `CCACHE_LOGFILE`) have
been improved.
- You can relax some checks that ccache does in direct mode by setting
`CCACHE_SLOPPINESS`. See the manual for more information.
- `CCACHE_TEMPDIR` no longer needs to be on the same filesystem as
- The default value of `CCACHE_TEMPDIR` has been changed to
`$CCACHE_DIR/tmp` to avoid cluttering the top directory.
- Temporary files that later will be moved into the cache are now created
in the cache directory they will end up in. This makes ccache more
friendly to Linux's directory layout.
- Improved the test suite and added tests for most of the new
functionality. It's now also possible to specify a subset of tests to
- Standard error output from the compiler is now only stored in the cache
if it's non-empty.
- If the compiler produces no object file or an empty object file, but
gives a zero exit status (could be due to a file system problem, a buggy
program specified by `CCACHE_PREFIX`, etc.), ccache copes with it
- Added `installcheck` and `distcheck` make targets.
- Clarified cache size limit options' and cleanup semantics.
- Improved display of cache max size values.
- The following options are no longer hashed in the preprocessor mode:
`-imacros`, `-imultilib`, `-iprefix`, `-iquote`, `-isysroot`,
`-iwithprefix`, `-iwithprefixbefore`, `-nostdinc`, `-nostdinc++` and
Bug fixes
- Various portability improvements.
- Improved detection of home directory.
- User-defined `CPPFLAGS` and `LDFLAGS` are now respected in the Makefile.
- Fixed NFS issues.
- Computation of the hash sum has been improved to decrease the risk of
hash collisions. For instance, the compiler options `-X -Y` and `-X-Y`
previously contributed equally to the hash sum.
- Bail out on too hard compiler options `--coverage`, `-fprofile-arcs`,
`-fprofile-generate`, `-fprofile-use`, `-frepo`, `-ftest-coverage` and
`-save-temps`. Also bail out on `@file` style options.
- Errors when using multiple `-arch` compiler options are now noted as
``unsupported compiler option''.
- `-MD`/`-MMD` options without `-MT`/`-MF` are now handled correctly.
- The `-finput-charset` option is now handled correctly.
- Added support for `-Wp,-MD` and `-Wp,-MMD` options.
- The compiler options `-Xassembler`, `-b`, `-G` and `-V` are now correctly
recognized as taking an argument.
- Debug information containing line numbers of predefined and command-line
macros (enabled with the compiler option `-g3`) will now be correct.
- Corrected LRU cleanup handling of object files.
- `utimes()` is now used instead of `utime()` when available.
- Non-writable cache directories are now handled gracefully.
- Corrected documentation about sharing the cache directory.
- Fixed compilation warnings from GCC 4.3.
- The command specified by `CCACHE_PREFIX` is no longer part of the hash.
- Fixed bad memory access spotted by Valgrind.
- Fixed a bug in `x_realloc`.
- Freed memory is no longer referenced when compiling a `.i`/`.ii` file and
falling back to running the real compiler.
- The test suite is now immune to external values of the `CCACHE_*`
environment variables.
- Improved detection of recursive invocation.
- The ccache binary is now not unconditionally stripped when installing.
- Statistics counters are now correctly updated for -E option failures and
internal errors.