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#ifndef CONF_H
#define CONF_H
#include "system.h"
struct conf {
char *base_dir;
char *cache_dir;
unsigned cache_dir_levels;
char *compiler;
char *compiler_check;
bool compression;
unsigned compression_level;
char *cpp_extension;
bool direct_mode;
bool disable;
char *extra_files_to_hash;
bool hard_link;
bool hash_dir;
char *log_file;
unsigned max_files;
uint64_t max_size;
char *path;
char *prefix_command;
bool read_only;
bool recache;
bool run_second_cpp;
unsigned sloppiness;
bool stats;
char *temporary_dir;
unsigned umask;
bool unify;
const char **item_origins;
struct conf *conf_create(void);
void conf_free(struct conf *conf);
bool conf_read(struct conf *conf, const char *path, char **errmsg);
bool conf_update_from_environment(struct conf *conf, char **errmsg);
bool conf_set_value_in_file(const char *path, const char *key,
const char *value, char **errmsg);
bool conf_print_items(struct conf *conf,
void (*printer)(const char *descr, const char *origin,
void *context),
void *context);
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