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%define hash-function-name confitems_hash
%define lookup-function-name confitems_get
%define initializer-suffix ,0,NULL,0,NULL
struct conf_item;
base_dir, 0, ITEM_V(base_dir, env_string, absolute_path)
cache_dir, 1, ITEM(cache_dir, env_string)
cache_dir_levels, 2, ITEM_V(cache_dir_levels, unsigned, dir_levels)
compiler, 3, ITEM(compiler, string)
compiler_check, 4, ITEM(compiler_check, string)
compression, 5, ITEM(compression, bool)
compression_level, 6, ITEM(compression_level, unsigned)
cpp_extension, 7, ITEM(cpp_extension, string)
direct_mode, 8, ITEM(direct_mode, bool)
disable, 9, ITEM(disable, bool)
extra_files_to_hash, 10, ITEM(extra_files_to_hash, env_string)
hard_link, 11, ITEM(hard_link, bool)
hash_dir, 12, ITEM(hash_dir, bool)
log_file, 13, ITEM(log_file, env_string)
max_files, 14, ITEM(max_files, unsigned)
max_size, 15, ITEM(max_size, size)
path, 16, ITEM(path, env_string)
prefix_command, 17, ITEM(prefix_command, env_string)
read_only, 18, ITEM(read_only, bool)
recache, 19, ITEM(recache, bool)
run_second_cpp, 20, ITEM(run_second_cpp, bool)
sloppiness, 21, ITEM(sloppiness, sloppiness)
stats, 22, ITEM(stats, bool)
temporary_dir, 23, ITEM(temporary_dir, env_string)
umask, 24, ITEM(umask, umask)
unify, 25, ITEM(unify, bool)
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