A Flask app to maintain the open/closed state of development repositories, used by closure hooks and status dashboards.
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Tree Status

This is a simple wsgi app to maintain the open/closed state of development
trees. It has a simple REST API, and a friendly web interface.

Bugs can be filed at:

The vendor library should contain all the pure python dependencies required.
The vendor library is provided as a git submodule. To check this out run

    git submodule update --init vendor

It's recommended to create a new virtual environment to install the compiled

    pip install -r requirements/compiled.txt

Copy who.ini.example to who.ini and edit to your liking. In particular,
audiences should match the public url of the site.
NB: is not treated the same as http://localhost for testing!
secret should also be changed to something random.

python testapp.py for local testing

treestatus.wsgi-dist can be used as a template for wsgi deployments

You will need to create an account for yourself in whichever database you have
created. For example, with the default testapp.py settings you would have a
database created called treestatus.db. You would then use the sqlite3 command
to add an account for yourself:

    sqlite3 treestatus.db "insert into users (name, is_admin, is_sheriff) values ('me@example.com', 1, 1)"