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UpCycler - Project 4 Client Side Code

Check out the live version of the app here ->

Login Details


Password: 123

NOTE: There may be a 10-20 second delay whilst the Heroku servers load the app, please allow for this delay when logging into the app.

You can see the back end code here ->

Creating the UpCycler app allowed me to utilise the various relationships and table structures that are possible with a Rails based back-end, whilst having fully RESTful actions where needed. The app allows users to search for inspiration when up-cycling their own items, list their own creations with build processes and favourite or comment on other user’s added pieces. Using Ruby on Rails and PostgreSQL allowed me to build a custom API with multiple relational resources, I then applied AngularJS to create the client-side of the app, both sides of the app are also authenticated using JWT and bcrypt.

alt text

All projects and my details can be found here ->