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Campdown is a utility that can be used to automate downloading of tracks and albums from Bandcamp. It requires the Python interpreter, version 3.4+ and is not platform specific.


Campdown has been added to the Python package index and can now be easily downloaded and installed (as well as updated) using the following command.

$ pip install campdown --upgrade


Campdown can be installed allowing you to directly run the campdown command. This also installs any dependencies the script might have.

$ python3 install

If you don't want to use the setup but would like to still use the script directly or intend to use it within your project you will have to still install requests, mutagen and docopt which you can download using pip.

$ pip install -r requirements.txt

To run Campdown simply execute the following command.

$ campdown <Track, album or discography URL>

If you want to use the CLI without the setup you can run the script in the project root directory. Make sure to have dependencies installed beforehand.


Campdown allows you to download tracks that are openly available on each of Bandcamp's sub-domains. Keep in mind that these can be accessed without using any special tools. Campdown only automates the otherwise tedious process of searching each page's code for the link to the given file.

This however also means that the downloaded tracks only come with a low bitrate of 128kbit/s. This is probably to reduce traffic while viewing and listening to the songs that are openly available.

If you want the full quality of a given track you will have to buy it from Bandcamp as you usually would. Also, if you like a song or album you should probably think about supporting the artist/band.


This repository is released under the MIT license. For more information please refer to LICENSE

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