Collaborative Annotation Toolkit for Massive Amounts of Image Data
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Latest commit a911b51 Oct 3, 2017 @tomka tomka Tracing layer: fix prev/next branch request URL
CATMAID.fetch() expects relative URLs and doesn't require
CATMAID.makeURL() to be used with it. If it is used, wrong URLs will be
generated, because CATMAID.makeURL() effectively applied twice.


The Collaborative Annotation Toolkit for Massive Amounts of Image Data

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Versions that we consider stable are tagged as release and are merged into the repository's master branches. These versions are additionally available as bundled download.


We follow a development model that borrows ideas from GitFlow, but is less strict. Regular development happens in the dev branch or topic branches that are later merged into dev. Release branches are created off of dev and contain additional release preparation changes. When ready, a release commit is tagged and then merged into master and dev. In case a release requires additional fixes maintenance branches are created based on the respective release commits. Maintenance branches are considered stable and are merged into both master and dev.