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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
"""Specifies static assets (CSS, JS) required by the CATMAID front-end.
This module specifies all the static files that are required by the
CATMAID front-end. The configuration is separated in libraries and CATMAID's
own files:
Libraries: To add a new library, add a new entry into the libraries_js
dictionary and, if needed, add the libraries CSS files to sourcefiles
tuple of the 'library' entry in the ``STYLESHEETS`` dictionary.
CATMAID files: By default all CSS files in the ``static/css`` directory are
included as well as all JavaScript files in ``static/js`` and CATMAID's
subdirectories in it. However, if you want to add new files explicitly, add
CSS to the source_filenames tuple in the 'catmaid' entry of the ``STYLESHEETS``
dictionary. JavaScript files go into the 'catmaid' entry of the ``JAVASCRIPT``
dictonary at the end of this file.
from collections import OrderedDict
from importlib import import_module
# python module names of CATMAID extensions which could potentially be installed
class PipelineSpecUpdater(object):
def __init__(self, input_dict=None):
if input_dict is None:
input_dict = OrderedDict()
self.result = input_dict
self.existing_output_files = set()
def update(self, other_dict, key_prefix='catmaid-ext-'):
"""Include items from other_dict in the input dict, ensuring that no data will be overwritten and the result
will not cause multiple libraries to create static files of the same name. key_prefix will be prepended to
the keys in other_dict when they are inserted into the input dict (default 'catmaid-ext-')."""
for key, value in other_dict.items():
new_key = key_prefix + str(key)
assert new_key not in self.result, 'Extension static file IDs must not overwrite existing static file IDs'
assert value['output_filename'] not in self.existing_output_files, \
'Extension static files must not overwrite existing static files ({})'.format(value['output_filename'])
self.result['{}{}'.format(key_prefix, key)] = value
STYLESHEETS = OrderedDict()
STYLESHEETS['libraries'] = {
'source_filenames': (
'output_filename': 'css/libraries.css',
'extra_context': {
'media': 'screen,projection',
STYLESHEETS['catmaid'] = {
'source_filenames': (
'output_filename': 'css/catmaid.css',
'extra_context': {
'media': 'screen,projection',
libraries_js = OrderedDict([
('modernizr', ['*.js']),
('jquery', ['jquery-2.1.3.min.js',
'jquery-ui.min.js', 'jquery-ui.*.js',
'jquery.dataTables.min.js', 'jquery.*.js',
'dataTables.buttons.js', 'buttons.html5.min.js']),
('jszip', ['*.js']),
('jsTree', ['jstree.js']),
('colorpicker', ['colors.js', '', 'colorPicker.js',
('fabric.js', ['all.modified.js']),
('raphael', ['raphael.js', 'g.raphael.js', 'g.pie-min.js', 'g.line.altered.js',
'raphael-custom.js', 'colorwheel.js', 'raphael.export.js']),
('d3', ['d3.v3.js', 'venn.js', 'mds.js', 'colorbrewer.js']),
('sylvester', ['sylvester.js']),
('msgpack-lite', ['msgpack.min.js']),
('numeric', ['numeric-1.2.6.js']),
('numjs', ['numjs.min.js']),
('three.js', ['three.js', 'controls/TrackballControls.js',
'camera/CombinedCamera.js', 'WebGL.js',
'lines/LineSegmentsGeometry.js', 'lines/LineGeometry.js',
'lines/LineSegments2.js', 'lines/Line2.js',
'lines/LineMaterial.js', 'loaders/VRMLLoader.js',
'lines/Wireframe.js', 'lines.WireframeGeometry2',
'loaders/VRMLLoader.js', 'renderer/Projector.js',
'renderer/SVGRenderer.js', 'exporters/OBJExporter.js',
'math/Lut.js', 'modifiers/*.js']),
('threex', ['*.js']),
('plotly', ['*.js']),
('pixi.js', ['*.js']),
('pointyjs', ['*.js']),
('cytoscapejs', ['cytoscape.js', 'cytoscape-spread.js',
'arbor.js', 'cytoscape-arbor.js',
'cola.js', 'cytoscape-cola.js',
'dagre.js', 'cytoscape-dagre.js',
'springy.js', 'cytoscape-springy.js']),
('jsnetworkx', ['*.js']),
('filesaver', ['*.js']),
('screw-filereader', ['*.js']),
('streamsaver', ['StreamSaver.js', 'polyfill.min.js']),
('webm-writer.js', ['*.js']),
('blazy', ['blazy.min.js']),
('geometry', ['geometry.js', 'intersects.js']), # order matters
('catmaid', ['namespace.js', 'error.js', 'events.js', 'request.js',
'tools.js', 'lru-cache.js', 'CATMAID.js', 'state.js',
'command.js', 'models/*.js', 'skeleton_source.js',
'datastores.js', 'settings-manager.js', '*.js']),
JAVASCRIPT = OrderedDict()
for k, v in libraries_js.items():
JAVASCRIPT[k + '-lib'] = {
'source_filenames': ['libs/%s/%s' % (k, f) for f in v],
'output_filename': 'js/libs/%s-lib.js' % k,
# Some libraries expect their own JavaScript files to be available under a
# particular name. Therefore, we can't use pipeline with them and include them
# separately. Entries follow the same pattern as above: key - path.
non_pipeline_js = {}
# Even non-pipeline files have to be made known to pipeline, because it takes
# care of collecting them into the STATIC_ROOT directory.
for k, v in non_pipeline_js.items():
'source_filenames': [v],
'output_filename': v
# Like non_pipeline_js, these files aren't compressed. They are however only
# copied to the output directory and are not supposed to be imported/loaded by
# the front-end.
copy_only_files = {
'streamsaver-worker-1': 'libs/streamsaver/worker/mitm.html',
'streamsaver-worker-2': 'libs/streamsaver/worker/ping.html',
'streamsaver-worker-3': 'libs/streamsaver/worker/ping.js',
'streamsaver-worker-4': 'libs/streamsaver/worker/sw.js',
'neuroglancer-worker': 'libs/neuroglancer/chunk_worker.bundle.js',
'neuroglancer-draco': 'libs/neuroglancer/draco.bundle.js',
'neuroglancer-tfjs-library': 'libs/neuroglancer/tfjs-library.bundle.js',
'neuroglancer-async-computation': 'libs/neuroglancer/async_computation.bundle.js',
'neuroglancer-main': 'libs/neuroglancer/main.bundle.js',
# Let pipeline know about copy-only files.
for k, v in copy_only_files.items():
'source_filenames': [v],
'output_filename': v
# Regular CATMAID front-end files
JAVASCRIPT['catmaid'] = {
'source_filenames': (
'output_filename': 'js/catmaid.js',
installed_extensions = []
stylesheet_updater = PipelineSpecUpdater(STYLESHEETS)
non_pipeline_js_updater = PipelineSpecUpdater(non_pipeline_js)
javascript_updater = PipelineSpecUpdater(JAVASCRIPT)
for app_name in KNOWN_EXTENSIONS:
app = import_module(app_name)
app_pipelinefiles = import_module(app_name + '.pipelinefiles')
except ImportError:
except AttributeError:
except AttributeError:
except AttributeError: