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There are some custom blocks for Markdown(will be automatically converted to styled blocks).

Set meta data

You have to set post meta data in frontmatter(At the top of each markdown file).

title: Example title
date: "2019-01-28T22:40:32.169Z"
description: "This text will be used as meta/og description"
category: "design"
emoji: "😁"

cagegory: must be just 1 category emoji: converted to Twemoji and used as HeroImage

Custom Blocks

Gray colored block

[[simple | title here]]
| content here

Info block

[[info | title here]]
| content here

Alert block

[[alert | title here]]
| content here

Notice block

[[notice | title here]]
| content here


You can use lists like this

[[alert | Danger! ]]
| - Don't smoke.
| - Don't each to much.
| - Don't stay home.


When to add ads(e.g. Google Adsense) on your site, make sure the ads are shown only on production.

if(process.env.NODE_ENV === "production") {
  // Ads here


MIT (except for images/icons/blog contents)

You are not allowed to use or distribute images/icons/blogContents included in this project.

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