Django App to let external software (dokuwiki) check the auth based on session-cookie
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Django external auth

This project provides a mechanism to let DokuWiki do authentification against a Django user data base. The existing solution needs python on the server running DokuWiki and assumes that DokuWiki can access the Django database.

Django external auth does not impose such restrictions by providing a small Django app. This app exposes a minimal API, which is used by the provided DokuWiki Plugin. The communication between the DokuWiki Plugin and the Django app is standard HTTP.


  • Install django-external-auth into the virtualenv of your Django project

      pip install -e git://
  • Add the views to your

      import external_auth.views
      urlpatterns += patterns('',
          url(r'^extauth/trust_external/', external_auth.views.trust_external),
          url(r'^extauth/retrieve_groups/', external_auth.views.retrieve_groups),
  • Make sure that DokuWiki can read the session cookie of Django. For example use


    if your Django is on and your DokuWiki in

  • Drop dokuwiki/extdjango.class.php into inc/auth/ of your DokuWiki Installation

  • Set the following options in your conf/local.php

      $conf['authtype'] = 'extdjango';
      $conf['auth']['extdjango']['url'] = ""