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This tool has been developed to improve data quality of your CRM. It increases control by giving you the ability to identify and manage the unknowns and doubts which reside in your CRM

The functionality enables you to add doubt-fields to CiviCRM contacts.

  • A field which allows you to easily tag and assign the amount of doubt the user has about the data of this contact.
  • An additional field which allows the user to describe the doubt or unknown in detail.
  • On each contact record a symbol will display the amount of doubts and unknowns that have been identified.
  • It is possible to search the CRM on contacts in relation to each doubt-level.

The tool has been designed to integrate smoothly into day to day CRM driven operational processes.

During normal day to day activity, a user may encounter a situation that creates some kind of doubt about a contact record, or the user sees that the contact record has information missing or contains unknowns. The tool allows the user to quickly and easily identify the doubt or unknown, enabling future referencing and investigation without interupting the task at hand. Instead of the organisation losing this information, its existence has now been identified and given a value.

Sharing this new information real time across an organisation generates a host of advantages.

Doubts about the individual contacts is collected within the CRM itself, This gives the person responsible for data quality a much deeper insight into the collective knowledge of an organisation
A data quality manager will be able to search on each doubt-level, easily identifying records that require investigation. On each individual contact record there is a visual indication of the records associated doubt status, creating the oppertunity to act upon it as and when appropriate.

From version 2 a data quality manager can automate doubts to the contact database, by configuring the doubt fields in a smart search group.

This tool has been created together with The Mirdan Institute and implements parts of the Mirdan methods.

For more information look at


Improve data quality by managing unknowns and doubts in your CRM



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