A tutorial for c++
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A C++ Tutorial

This tutorial is meant to be an introduction to C++, with a focus on how to use the standard library. Through the use of the standard library, I want to build up an intuition of how good c++ objects and functions behave.

The details object oriented design will, for the most part, not be covered. Similarly, I will not cover template programming in depth. Hopefully, I will have an opportunity to give another tutorial in the future that will cover these.


  1. Basic input and output using iostreams.
  2. Overview of STL concepts (collections, iterators, algorithms)
  3. std::vector
  4. std::string (std::string vs std::vector<char>)
  5. Values and References. Pass by reference, return by value.
  6. Type inference with auto.
  7. Basic algorithms (std::sort, std::reverse, std::copy, std::find)
  8. Using std::copy with iterator adapters.
  9. Lambas (anonymous nested functions)
  10. Higher order algorithms (std::find_if, std::for_each, std::transform, std::accumulate)