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Catppuccin for Cursors



🌻 Latte
🪴 Frappé
🌺 Macchiato
🌿 Mocha


This project is a modification of Volantes Cursors.


GitHub Release

  1. Download your preferred flavor and accent from the latest GitHub release.

  2. Extract the downloaded zip to one of the following locations:

    • For the local user: $HOME/.icons
    • For all users: /usr/share/icons
  3. Choose the theme in your settings.

Example Installation

cd $HOME/.icons # or `/usr/share/icons`
curl -LOsS

Arch Linux

Individual flavor packages are available to download with your preferred AUR helper:

yay -S catppuccin-cursors-latte
yay -S catppuccin-cursors-frappe
yay -S catppuccin-cursors-macchiato
yay -S catppuccin-cursors-mocha

A -git package is also available which builds the cursors from source. This package contains all variants of flavor and accent.

yay -S catppuccin-cursors-git


Nixpkgs has catppuccin-cursors. Use it by providing your preferred flavor + accent in camelCase. E.g.


Manual Installation


  • xcursorgen to generate the cursors.
  • inkscape to convert SVGs to PNGs.
  • (Optional) hyprcursor to include hyprcursor variants.
  • (Optional) just to easily run development commands.


  1. Clone this repository and go to downloaded directory:

    git clone
    cd cursors
  2. Run the following command(s) if you have just installed, if not then look inside the justfile to understand what commands are being run.

    just all # Build all flavor-accent variants.
    just all_with_hyprcursor # Build all flavor-accent variants with hyprcursor support
    just build mocha # To build all variants under one single flavor.
    just build_with_hyprcursor mocha # To build all variants under one single flavor with hyprcursor support
    just build mocha blue # To build only the blue variant under mocha.
    just build mocha 'blue mauve peach' # To build only the blue, mauve, and peach variants under mocha.
  3. Extract built cursors in ./dist to $HOME/.icons or /usr/share/icons.

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