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CATS Open Source Softwares

OSS from CATS ( CyberAgent Advanced Technology Studio ).

Popular repositories

  1. Android filters based on OpenGL (idea from GPUImage for iOS)

    Java 8.4k 2.2k

  2. Sica Public

    🦌 Simple Interface Core Animation. Run type-safe animation sequencially or parallelly

    Swift 1k 56

  3. scaffdog Public

    🐶 scaffdog is Markdown driven scaffolding tool.

    TypeScript 377 13

  4. Chausie Public

    Chausie provides a customizable view containers that manages navigation between pages of content. 🐱

    Swift 178 13

  5. A framework for broadcasting live video

    Swift 177 41

  6. Unio Public

    🔄 KeyPath based Unidirectional Input / Output framework with RxSwift.

    Swift 157 7


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