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Little OS X menu-bar app that posts Growl notifications from your Github network activity
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Classes Get preferences window to show up as key and in front
CocoaREST @ b96463a Update to CocoaREST for new github task
EMKeychain @ a9e96ff
GithubNotifier.xcodeproj Switch default to debug
GithubNotifier_DataModel.xcdatamodeld Now posting growl notifications for new watchers of your repository
Interface Prefernces window from NSWindow => NSPanel
.gitignore first commit
.gitmodules Updated with submodules for CocoaREST and EMKeychain.
Credits.html first commit
GithubNotifier-Info.plist Version bump to 1.2
GithubNotifier_Prefix.pch first commit
Growl Registration Ticket.growlRegDict Updated to show bulk updates as a list of usernames.
README.markdown Version bump in README
githubnotifier.icns Add Icons, courtesy of David Hansen
githubnotifier_inactive.png Add Icons, courtesy of David Hansen



GithubNotifier is a menu-bar app for Mac OS 10.6+ that polls Github for network activity on any of your repositories.

Release History

  • [1.2]

    • Better notifications
    • Updates on watcher count
  • [1.1]

    • Receive notifications when someone starts watching any of your repositories.
  • [1.0]


Patches / bugs welcome. To get setup for development, be sure to run git submodule init && git submodule update to pull down the latest CocoaREST and EMKeychain files


Releases are done by myself, so "release" configuration requires my private key for code-signing. If you'd like to compile and run your own release build go to project settings and under "release" configuration, remove scary-robot-development and either leave blank or use your own key


  • Sparkle integration (or Mac App store... debating)
  • New notifications:
    • New forks of your repositories
    • New issues added to your repositories


Steven Degutis for CocoaREST

ExtendMac for EMKeychain

Shaun Harrison and or Enormego for NSWorkspaceHelper

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