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The Good Parts of Your WordPress Zwei



This project is for you to show specified posts of your WordPress. The name is a meme of O’Reilly: The Good Parts, and German, Zwei as Two in English.

The posts are read from your own WordPress, so the access of MySQL of your WordPress is needed.

The purpose of the project is for showing specified posts of your WordPress in some complicated situations. One like me, posts almost everything like 'eating, gaming, developing' in WordPress, that makes awkward in some special situations, such as job-hunting. With this project, you can create a standalone page to show specified posts of your WordPress to avoid the embarrassing situations.

This is the second project of this case. Compared with the previous, this new project includes some new features, like Responsive web design and Lazyload.

Last project: goodparts-of-your-wordpress (Archived)

Demo (Simplified Chinese)


  • vue
  • @vue/cli
  • muse-ui
  • muse-ui-loading
  • axios
  • wordpress-autop
  • vue-lazyload

Requirements & Build & Usage


  • WordPress(HTTP Service + PHP + MySQL), the access of MySQL of WordPress is needed.


All the API files are in the api/ directory, please copy all of them on your server, and edit Vue.prototype.$siteconf in file main.js.

Prepare API

Edit api/config.php, edit $allowed_referers to allow your domain to request(http_referer), and $mysqli to access WordPress.

Then run(use cli, or browser) generate_list.php to generate a json list. Copy the output to api\list.json. Only copy the parts of which you want to show.

You can rename or remove the generate_list.php in case of security now.

Prepare Build

Change the title in public/index.html.

Edit components/Welcome.vue. Feel free to custom your Welcome.

Serve & build

yarn.lock, so

  • yarn run serve
  • yarn run build

Serve over HTTPS

Notice version after 0.3.0, the file vue.config.js has option that make you able to run serve over HTTPS. It's disabled by default. Enable it and you can now test some feature which only avaliable on HTTPS, such as "fake fullscreen"

The project includes a localhost cert-pack, includes cert, key, CA, CA-key, generated by FiloSottile/mkcert. You can and should use your own certificates for your goal.

Known Issues

  • Doesn't support any version of IE. Any versions of IE will got an Alert.
  • Some says iOS users have trouble with visiting. I don't have any iOS devices, nor any Mac devices. If anyone has trouble about it, please report it on the Issue.
  • API CORS code not finished.
  • If there are anchors links in the post, when click and jump, the Fixed page header overlaps in-page anchors. No idea how to fix this now. Use opacity to reduce this issue for this moment.

Developing Blog

Blog: New Project - The Good Parts of Your WordPress Zwei (Simplified Chinese)