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Announcement on unification of News Items and Articles.

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1 parent ce65f75 commit dbc0542d1e27ec469cb728dfd60044c6ab70a013 @cpressey cpressey committed
Showing with 55 additions and 10 deletions.
  1. +8 −7 TODO.markdown
  2. +43 −0 data/news.yaml
  3. +4 −3 src/chrysoberyl/
15 TODO.markdown
@@ -1,13 +1,6 @@
Chrysoberyl TODO
-higher priority
-Link to github file from documentation nodes.
-Breadcrumbs: descend from distribution/implementable in documentation nodes.
@@ -36,6 +29,14 @@ Document what the different dates mean.
+Link to github file from documentation nodes.
+Breadcrumbs: descend from distribution/implementable in documentation nodes.
+For Type and Genre pages, show the pages of that type/genre in a collapsible
+(accordion) thing. If there are a lot (more than, say, 15,) default the accordion
+to collapsed.
Longer descriptions and commentary (article-like things) should have a
max-width smaller than the screen size, to help readability.
43 data/news.yaml
@@ -1,3 +1,46 @@
+"Oops, I just turned Chrysoberyl into a blogging platform":
+ type: Article
+ article-type: announcement
+ authors:
+ - Chris Pressey
+ publication-date: Wed, 20 Mar 2013 14:59:21 GMT
+ description: |
+ I'm not much of a blogger. I've considered starting a blog a few times,
+ but the thing is, most blogs are either about trends or opinions
+ (or both, combined: _reactions_), and I don't follow trends, and when I
+ have opinions, they're about specific *things*. (Which is why the old
+ [[]] had an "About" section, and why [[Chrysoberyl]] lets
+ commentary be attached to particular nodes.) And those opinions, like
+ the things themselves, are relatively "evergreen" -- they're not news,
+ there's no need to go announcing them. I also like to be able to
+ edit/tweak/update an opinion incrementally after writing it, which also
+ fits poorly with the blog model. [EDIT: see what I mean?]
+ At the same time, I do generate news, if not trends, and these
+ announcements that I've implemented such-and-such or updated
+ such-and-such *are* news articles, even if they're short ones.
+ And sometimes I have something to say that's not focussed on a single
+ topic, and it fits best as a stand-alone article, such as
+ [[Retrospective: Chris Pressey on Language Design|my retrospective on esolang design]].
+ Therefore, I merged the concepts of "News Item" and "Article" into
+ just [[Article]] in Chrysoberyl, and all articles get included in
+ the Atom feed, whether they're explicitly "news" or not. The result
+ is that Chrysoberyl is, among all the other words that already don't
+ describe it, now a blogging platform.
+ That's not to say you'll be seeing a lot of blog posts in the news feed.
+ Even this article, which I consciously tried to write like a blog post,
+ is still really mostly an announcement.
+ But you might see some. You totally might. Yeah, you're totally going
+ to hear every little nitpick I have about why the latest version of
+ Gadget X (resp. Language X) sucks and why GadgetCorp (resp. the Language
+ X community) is going totally off-course as a company (resp. open-source
+ project). Because that's so totally the kind of thing I give a crap
+ about.
"ALPACA turns 1.0":
type: Article
article-type: announcement
7 src/chrysoberyl/
@@ -45,12 +45,13 @@ def make_news_feed(data, dir, filename, limit=None):
title = n['key']
guid = url + "/" + n['key']
updated = n['publication-date']
+ nodelink = pathname2url(filekey(n['key']),
+ prefix='')
summary_contents = n['description_html']
if n.get('summary', None) is not None:
- summary_contents = n['summary_html']
+ summary_contents = (n['summary_html'] +
+ '<p><a href="%s">Read more...</a></p>' % nodelink)
summary = atomize.Summary(summary_contents, content_type='html')
- nodelink = pathname2url(filekey(n['key']),
- prefix='')
links = [atomize.Link(nodelink, content_type='text/html',
entry = atomize.Entry(title=title, guid=guid, updated=updated,

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