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Update README for version 1.1.

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@@ -30,22 +30,19 @@ Properties
Jaccia has the property that, when started from this condition (entire
maze filled with slime cells), the automaton will eventually reach a
-fixed point (steady state) which contains all possible paths from food
-to food.
+fixed point (steady state) which contains all possible orthogonal paths
+from food to food. (Orthogonal paths means, a diagonal isn't considered
+a path.)
Jacciata is similar, but has the property that when it reaches a fixed
point, it will contain the *shortest* path from food to food, if such a
path exists and is unique. If no such path exists, or is not unique, the
result is undefined. It is otherwise similar to Jaccia.
-The behaviour of both automata is also undefined if the slime
-configurations are not orthogonal (that is, if there are any diagonal
-slime paths.)
-Both Jaccia and Jacciata are defined in ALPACA v0.94. Jaccia is defined
+Both Jaccia and Jacciata are defined in ALPACA v1.0. Jaccia is defined
in the file `jaccia.alp` and Jacciata in `jacciata.alp`. The ALPACA
definition is authoritative; what is given here is merely advisory.
@@ -71,10 +68,12 @@ labelled differently (`S` and `F`), there needs to be a "head" of an
exploratory shoot that looks for solutions, and so on. It could probably
be made more elegant with some work.
-The definition of these automata in ALPACA suggests some possible
-improvements to that meta-language, particularly the definition of
+[New in 1.1] The definition of these automata in ALPACA 0.94 suggested some
+possible improvements to ALPACA, particularly the definition of
neighbourhoods different from the assumed von Neumann neighbourhood, and
-their use in the count operator.
+their use in the count operator. The Jaccia and Jacciata descriptions were
+rewritten in ALPACA 1.0, and do now take advantage of these features in order
+to be written more succinctly.
Happy intelligence! Such as it is.
Chris Pressey

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