An "extended dance mix" version of Gregory Yob's Hunt the Wumpus. [BSD license]
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Super Wumpus Land

![Screenshot of Super Wumpus Land]( Wumpus Land.png)

What is this?

This is the reference distribution of Super Wumpus Land, a computer game by Chris Pressey, based on a legendary game by Gregory Yob.

It contains original version of Super Wumpus Land, written as a Perl script, in the scripts directory.

It also contains a conversion in Javascript, for playing in a web browser, in the impl/swl.js directory. This implementation uses modules from yoob.js to simulate the terminal in an HTML5 canvas.


  • v2000.xxxx

    Initial version, the script written in Perl 5,

  • v2004.0227

    Version not differing significantly from initial version.

  • v1.0-2007.1216 a.k.a. v2007.1216

    Version not differing significantly from initial version.

  • v1.1-2013.0323

    Added conversion to Javascript, swl.js.

    Fixed bug in Perl version where you could spray an aerosol can that you didn't actually have.

    (Perl version still bore the version number 1.0. Both versions oddly bore the reversion number "2013.0326" in the source.)

  • v1.1-2013.0324

    Fixed version number in both versions to 1.1-2013.0324.

    Fixed bug in Javascript version where you effectively never disembarked from the subway train, once on it.

    Made clearer from the room description that you are aboard the subway train, when you are. (Both versions.)