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A string-copying automaton that almost always blows up exponentially [Public domain]
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This is the reference distribution for the Xigxag string-copying automaton.

For a definition of the Xigxag automaton, see the file xigxag.html in the doc directory. (I didn't convert it from HTML to Markdown because it has a lot of mathematical-type markup, like subscripts and superscripts, that don't have equivalents in core Markdown, and the main advantage of it being in Markdown is so that it can be viewed directly on Github and Bitbucket. It should probably be converted to some more mathematically- oriented markup language at some point, I suppose.)

This distribution also contains an "interpreter" for Xigxag, written in Perl, as in the src directory.

All of these materials are in the public domain; see the file UNLICENSE in the distribution's root directory for more information.

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