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# Makefile for miniscm
# This defaults to using ANSI C on 4.3 BSD-flavoured UNIX (which is
# compatible with many modern Unices, including Linux). You may select a
# different flavour of UNIX, or a pre-ANSI version of C, by telling make
# to override the CC and/or CFLAGS variables.
# Please see source and/or README for system definition #define's.
# Examples:
# CFLAGS = -g -DSYSV -traditional -traditional-cpp -Wid-clash-8
CC ?= gcc
CFLAGS ?= -O -ansi -pedantic -DBSD -DCMDLINE
all : miniscm
miniscm : miniscm.c Makefile
$(CC) $(CFLAGS) -o miniscm miniscm.c
clean :
rm -f core *.o miniscm *~
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