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;;;; Sample of co-routine by call/cc
(define (apply-to-next-leaf proc tree endmark)
((return #f)
(cont (lambda (l)
(recurse l)
(set! cont (lambda (d) (return endmark)))
(cont #f)))
(recurse (lambda (l)
(if (pair? l)
(for-each recurse l)
(call/cc (lambda (c) (set! cont c) (return (proc l))))))))
(lambda ()
(call/cc (lambda (c) (set! return c) (cont tree))))))
(define (foo lis)
(let ((bar (apply-to-next-leaf (lambda (x) (* x x)) lis '())))
(let loop ((n (bar)))
(if (not (null? n))
(display n)
(loop (bar)))))))
;; foo prints each elements (leaves) squared
(foo '(1 2 (3 (4 5) (6 (7)) 8) 9 10))
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