MirrorFS is a Lua module that implements a FUSE mirroring a directory.
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MirrorFS is a Lua module that implements a FUSE mirroring a directory.

It can be useful as an example of how to use Flu, but it could also have creative uses.


MirrorFS depends on Flu and luaposix.

It is only tested on Linux with Lua 5.3.


Check out the examples in the examples/ directory.

Starting a filesystem

local fs = mirrorfs.new(root, mountpoint)

root must be an absolute path (i.e. start with /).

Logging operations

mirrorfs can log operations and their results. To log to a file, just set fs.logfile before starting the filesystem. You can also override the fs.log method whose signature is log(self, ...), where ... are the same arguments as string.format.

Implementing handlers

To modify the behavior of MirrorFS, you need to implement handlers for filesystem calls. They have the same interface as in Flu, except that they take the filesystem object as their first argument and that the path argument is already prefixed by the mirrored path.

To override a handler, just assign it to the corresponding key in the filesystem object:

fs.release = function(self, path, fi)

To unset a handler, just call the unset_handler method:


Check out the chickenfs example.

Making calls fail

To make a handler return a POSIX error, the easiest solution is to use mirrorfs.fail with a string or a number representing a POSIX error code:

-- those two lines do the same thing

MirrorFS also provides two helpers: check that behaves like assert but with fail instead of error and pcheck which is used to check the return value of most luaposix calls.

If you raise a normal error in an handler, it will be interpreted as EPERM.


Some FUSE handlers (open, readdir, etc) interact with file or directory descriptors. The filesystem instance has three methods to manage their state: push_descriptor, get_descriptor and clear_descriptor. If you need to use them, read the implementation of the default handlers in mirrorfs.lua and use it as an example.


  • Copyright (c) 2015-2016 Pierre Chapuis