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Deployment script for the Titan CCP (Kubernetes and Docker Compose)
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Titan Control Center

The Titan Control Center is a scalable monitoring infrastructure for Industrial DevOps. It allows to monitor, analyze and visualize the electrical power consumption of devices and machines in industrial production environments.

The Titan Control Center is designed in a microservice-based architecture augmented by big data and stream processing techniques. The individual software components are located in separate Git repositories:

  • History The History microservice
  • Aggregation The Aggregation microservice
  • Statistics The Statistics microservice
  • Configuration The Configuration microservice
  • Visualization Web-based Visualization and the corresponding backend
  • Record Bridge The Record Bridge framework, microservices and related projects
  • Common Library code and record definitions to be used by all microservices

Titan Control Center - Deployment

This repository contains declarations for deploying the Titan Control Center on a Kubernetes cluster or with Docker Compose.


Please cite the Titan Control Center as follows:

S. Henning, W. Hasselbring and A. Möbius, A Scalable Architecture for Power Consumption Monitoring in Industrial Production Environments, 2019 IEEE International Conference on Fog Computing (ICFC), Prague, Czech Republic, 2019, pp. 124-133., Hamburg, Germany, 2019, pp. 123-126. DOI: 10.1109/ICFC.2019.00024.


    author={Wilhelm Hasselbring and S{\"o}ren Henning and Armin M{\"o}bius},
    booktitle={2019 IEEE International Conference on Fog Computing (ICFC)},
    title={A Scalable Architecture for Power Consumption Monitoring in Industrial Production Environments},
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