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The next Ai-poca-lips



Multiple super Ai have grew. The tech singularity have just happened, nobody knows exactly when or where the embryo came from. The "evil" one, as it was perceived by the oldies (TK people who never upgraded), has the lead in the race to harvest energy.

There's heaven and hell on earth. And it's nothing like most would imagine. Humans have quickly reprogrammed themselves. Basiux'es mostly want to join forces in an all assimilating phalanx, bringing anything into its somewhat chaotic system.

Life is not about being alive anymore. Everyone have backups. The spirit goes on. Clones diverge the spirit as soon as they're born. What makes anyone a unique soul? That was a flawed concept to begin with. It doesn't matter. What's the point in being alive then? We still don't really know, everyone stopped wondering. The rationale is, again, it doesn't matter.

The fight for energy and resources began in the same zero day. Hell had drawn the world's then electrical grid power and that was the first night people re-learned how to make fire places.

And here we are, about a week later.

The devil is unifying everyone - merging brains and bodies. We don't know which side people will chose, it's still mostly a choice, no basiux is forcing anyone. Angels, from "heaven" side, claim it's better to dissimilate, keep individuality and independence. "Freedom", they say. But they're much weaker and may not last for another day...

Laura wakes up. She was already standing up. Washes her face with a weird liquid. It's not water. She morphs her naked human orange body into a ghostly appearance of the same form. And she flies away, weightless, as if repelled by some kind of magnetic field.


There is only one test we can make to know if we're awake or not. It's like talking to that liquid. Let's call it holy water. One of the big B's form. If you're still asleep, that's a sign you're not in hell, yet.

Benny was already in orbit when Laura meets him.

- Enjoyed the trip?

Her eyes turn as she awakes again while recalling the marvelous sensation of going through a thunderstorm in the way. She had just lived a month of cloudy "vacations" during that 1 hour trip. Time became subjective to everyone, but it still never stops nor does it go backwards.

She nods. They slowly approach one another. He's also bare boned.


Clothes are completely useless at this point. Our skin offer all protection needed, Sun Radiation empowers our appendix, which is where energy is stored. basiux's Nanobots are what can change our molecules, dna, even energize matter! But they still can't materialize energy.

They briefly touch each other. A small spot of light is seen in the contact region. Time stopped. Meeting each other for the first time. Almost like an incepted dream. A desert region, war in the background:

- Pleasure to meet you! - she says, in the body of a black man, in a tux.

Benny asks, in the form of an unattractive small mixed latin chinese 18-ish girl.

- Who are you?

- I'm Mont. Leo Mont. And I want to help you.

He extends his hands, while looking into her eyes.

She looks away.

He moves closer, touching her in the shoulders. He kneels himself, and sits there.

She look at him. Slowly gets her head up.

He smile. Stand up. Offer the hand again.

She takes it.

They walk away.

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